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Mentoring Programs

Every Monday and Tuesday night during the school year, we pick up elementary and middle-school-aged kids from around the city to bring them to the Palm House for quality time with our staff and college-aged volunteers. Many of the kids have been with the same volunteers for several years! This is exactly what we hope for - that our volunteers would establish lasting relationships with the kids who attend and create meaningful connections that even go beyond Tuesday nights. Volunteers have attended the children's school concerts, taken them to university theatre productions, sporting events, and had sleepovers at the Palm House. On Monday and Tuesday evenings, they eat together, discuss relevant topics that encourage mature perspectives and growth, do arts and crafts, help with homework and just enjoy time to play and connect! This has been a very successful program that continues to grow!


 Boys and  Girls Mentoring Program

Become A Mentor

Do you love kids? Do you have a few free hours to give during the week? The Palm House is looking for volunteers to pour into our kids' lives on  Tuesday nights and beyond! Our goal is to have as close to a one-to-one ratio as possible between volunteers and children. We are looking for people who have a heart for kids and teens, an ability to facilitate lessons and games, and who can work well with others. Those interested will need to pass a background check and complete a brief training on working with minors. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer or if you have further questions, call us or click the button below and send us an email with the subject: Volunteer for Palm House.

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