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What's Good in the Hood!

Cheers to our new Palm House Blog! This blog has been created to share stories about all the cool stuff that happens at the Palm House and in the neighborhood. My name is Forrest Harmel, and I work here full time and oversee the various programs as well as maintenance for the house. I am really excited to share with you the things that I get to see, the encounters I get to have, and all the ways God shows Himself faithful in everything the Palm House does.

I am passionate about sharing the love of God with people, helping them connect to their Father in Heaven and learn to hear His voice, and encouraging them to walk in the destiny God's called them to. That's one of the biggest reasons I love my job at the Palm House... I get to do all those things and so much more. The neighborhood we are planted in is so diverse, and the needs that people have vary greatly from house to house, person to person. However, the one need all of us have is to know God and know who we are in Him.

My hope with this blog is to encourage you by sharing what God is doing, inspire you to take action in your own sphere of influence, and give glory to God for all that He is and does. There are so many stories to tell regarding God's goodness, and I intend for these stories to be a glimpse into the goodness that I experience on a regular basis at the Palm House.


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