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About Us


The Palm House was built over 120 years ago in Abilene, Texas. Over the years, the house became neglected and was in need of major repairs. A group of women saw the house and what it could become, and despite suggestions from numerous people to tear it down, they moved forward with plans to restore it, a process which would ultimately take 3 years to complete. The Palm House was restored entirely from donations by the community, and all of the programs are facilitated by volunteers. It has been over 10 years since work first began on the house, and the impact it has had on the community has continued to grow. In 2017, two young women moved into Palm House and now volunteer their time to reach out to the community around them.



Our vision, at its most basic form, is to see people and the neighborhood they live in transformed by the power of love. By building trust through relationship, we aim to restore life and hope where there is brokenness and loss of identity. The Palm House itself was a broken home that was brought back to life because people saw it for what it could be rather than what it was. It now serves as a prototype of what we aim to see take place in lives and homes around us.




​Our Mission is to offer the people in our neighborhood and beyond the practical and spiritual tools necessary to have a fulfilling life and cultivate a relationship with God. Through mentoring programs, outreach, service, and consistent interaction, we hope to encourage people into their destinies and provide hope and identity where it has been lost. We believe in the context of "home," and aim to provide a safe and loving environment to which people always feel welcome to come. We are also equally as motivated to go outside the four walls of the Palm House and into the neighborhood and city of Abilene.


Check out this video showing where we've come from, where we are, and where we're headed! God has done amazing things through the Palm House and continues to work through us and expand our ministry and influence in our community.

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