Your donation is an investment in the identity, faith, and future of children, youth and adults in our downtown community...


Our mentoring program on Tuesday evenings is full and thriving! During our children's program, the kids participate in crafts, games, sports, devotions, and other activities that require supplies and food. Our kid's group has a meal together where they can share about their week and their lives in a safe environment. Your donations go towards the materials and food to keep this program going!


Although the Palm House has been renovated, there is a constant need for maintenance and upkeep. From changing light bulbs and air filters to cleaning and mowing the lawn, it's a full time job keeping things running. Your donations help provide us with the neccessary supplies and materials!



Construction for our backyard Fun Zone has finally wrapped up! We are extremely excited to use this space and to be able to have more events and accommodate more people in our neighborhood and community! This project was entirely funded by donations and is an amazing testimony to what can be accomplished with the support of a community and a little elbow grease! Check out the "Backyard" tab under News & Events to learn about how this project became reality and to see pictures of the whole process. Now that this space is finished, we are dreaming of new projects and ways to make the Palm House a warm, welcoming, and exciting place to be!