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You’re invited to a Virtual Dinner benefitting The Palm House…


Where virtually ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! And in a time of social distancing this is perfect opportunity NOT to leave your house!


In keeping with the social distancing that our government recommends for the health of our community. We wanted to invite you to a virtual event.


  • In the time it would take you to open your mail, weigh the pros and cons of attending, and deal with the guilt about not really wanting to go and then reply that you would indeed love to sponsor a table – you could write a check.


  • In the time it would take you to decide which 8 of your closest friends you’d like to invite to sit at your table – you could write a check.


  • In the time it would take you to decide what to wear to the event – you could write a check.


  • In the time it would take you to drive to the event – you could write a check.


  • In all that time you would sit there wishing you were back home ‘self-isolating’, wondering if people around you have washed their hands and used hand sanitizer - you could write a check! 


We’re going to save you all that time and energy and simply ask you to make some dreams come true for some local kids and write a check! 


Just think of all money The Palm House is saving by virtually feeding and entertaining you, instead of dragging you to yet another event.  And, by all means, tell your friends how you thought of their health, and saved them all that time and energy too and forward them our donation information! They’re not off the hook!


If all this check writing is too overwhelming, and would cause you to leave the house, you can simply head over to our website, which is ‘social-distancing friendly’ and click on the DONATE button.  It’s like a virtual check!


It all boils down to the fact that we cannot do what we do without you…and your check.  So thank you for your time and consideration and all the love you show The Palm House. 


With your donations we wish to make some of our Palm House projects a reality! We also still have families in need during this time of instability and extended time of school closures. Social distancing doesn’t mean social suffering!


You are so appreciated!


Bon Appétit!


Think of the things you won’t need to do:

Virtual Menu – that you don’t have to eat

Virtual Program – that you don’t have to sit through

Virtual MC – whose jokes you don’t have to pretend are funny

Virtual Guilt – instead of staring into the faces of those around you - you can write your check in the privacy and safety of your own home!

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