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"I know a guy..."

Our kids are funny... and by funny, i mean sometimes hilarious, and sometimes off the wall. Sometimes, they're just plain out of control. But we love them and all the things that come out of their mouths.

My experience is mainly with the boys because we have a girls mentoring night that is seperate from the boys, and we have amazing girl volunteers who oversee that program. I hope to get stories from the girls and share them here too, but for now I will share with you mainly the boys stories.

Lately we have been teaching the boys biblical principals and values and how to hear the voice of God. Some of them know stories from the bible, some of them don't. Some have gone to church most of their lives and some have never gone. It's an awesome mix. Most of the time, I'm not totally sure what I'm doing, but I trust in the leading of the Holy Spirit and what God knows they need.

We usually don't hear feedback or "see" fruit right away, but I know God is working. Recently, one of their moms shared a story about her two boys, Tristen and Malachi. She told us that they were asking for a bible, which is awesome because to my knowledge they have never really gone to church or had much of a relationship with God. Now they are hungering for God's word!!!

She also shared a joke that one of her sons told her:

"If you need to build an arch, I NOAH guy...get it, KNOW-A-GUY..."

He told her about what we've been sharing with them and stories that they are hearing in the Bible, and they're making jokes!

Their lives are being changed in ways we can't even fully understand, all from spending just one night a week playing games with them, eating dinner together, and sharing stories and encouragement. God is truly able to do abundantly above all that we could think or imagine. He is good to us...


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