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Summer of Love

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." ~ Mother Teresa

This summer, without the volunteer base to host 35+ kids every week, we've taken to doing "small things with great love"! Each week, we've been taking 3-6 kids on a fun excursion - from pool parties to zoo trips - reminding each of them that they matter and they are loved!

Splash Pads & Pizza

What better way to enjoy the summer than in the water?! A few of our boys loved the splash pad this summer! We topped it off with pizza and popsicles! And in the midst, we got to answer some probing questions about God's love for us.

It's somebody's birthday!

We absolutely loved getting to celebrate a couple of our kids' birthdays with them and their family! We always want our kids to know how special they are and what a joy it is to celebrate them!

Take 2 at the Zoo!

Last school year, we loaded up a whole crew of kids to head to the zoo for our Semester Point Party! A few couldn't make it that time, so this summer, we had our "Take 2"!

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