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God is so alive...He is intimately involved, perfectly intentional, and wonderously fun... He proves it to us over and over again! I wish I could record every moment where God has shown up, come through, provided, healed, delivered, saved, or blessed me with something. He is so wise with how He chooses to do it all, too. It's always in His perfect timing, even if I would disagree.

I think sometimes its hard to give God the room to do His thing, though. I can make it hard on myself by trying to figure things out, when it's so much easier to let go and let God take the lead. I try to constantly remind myself that I get to just be His son, and receive His goodness. It's something I want for the kids at the Palm House to know so badly, and it's hard to see them run into so many walls because of the influence their home lives and families have on them. I can't imagine how God must feel... knowing His own perfection and love and desiring whole heartedly to give it to us, yet having us as children not want it or not understand when He is trying to share Himeself with us. It takes practice sometimes. Learning how to receive from Him and not settle for something counterfeit.

However, there are moments where regardless of whether your heart is in the right place to receive or not, nothing hinders the work of the Lord.

That's how our worship nights have felt...

Sunday was our 5th Community Worship night that we hosted at Love and Care. We have seen so many amazing things, so many miracles... So many things that man cannot do on His own. If you are reading this and you've never seen a miracle or something supernatural, I can promise you it happens. We have seen a man who couldn't stand up on his own becase his knees were so bad get prayed over and healed and go from a squatting position to a standing position all on his own, with no pain. We have had people hear encouragement from God that they beleive He wants them to share with His people, and after releasing it, have had people share how that's exactly what they were feeling or needed to hear at that time.

During this most recent event, we had a man named Samson who came in and shared that he had been hitch hiking and walking all the way from Arizona!!! Thats a long walk! Lo and behold, he winds up walking into the prayer room... He had swollen feet and asked for money for a bus ticket to finish the rest of his journey to Austin. We got to pray for his feet, got him new shoes, clothes, food, and collected enough money to get him his ticket. Proverbs 16:9 says: "A man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps." I think Samson was very directed!

God is so faithful to meet our physical needs as well as our spiritual needs. That's a big reason why we have the free meal to our homeless friends on Sundays, and plan each worship night after these meals... We want to meet their physical needs with the hope that as God leads us, we can meet their spiritual needs at the right time. These worship nights are a means for people to come and have a new experience with God. It's amazing to see when God leads someone (all the way from Arizona, in this case) to a worship night that happens only once a month, in order for him to get his physical and spiritual needs met. We saw this man break down into tears as we prayed and God touched his heart, filling him with His love and peace.

God is moving in the hearts of His people. He is drawing people to Himself. He is establishing His name in right context for people who have misinterpreted who He is. He is releasing His power and love throughout the Earth. There is a momentum building as

God is unifying all of His children and bringing the lost home. We pray that through the Palm House, our meals at Love and Care, our Tehillah worship nights, and everything else that we do, we would be a resource for God to use in making this happen.

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